Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Celebrating Life!

On October 2nd our son Larson Shawn O'Brien was given an "incompatable
with life diagnosis" at his 20 week of life visit.

We carried his life for 17 more weeks.

On January 22,2008 we welcomed Larson into this world with the most
beautiful cry...

We enjoyed 23 hours of life.

On January 23rd we held him as he peacefully passed into his eternal
home with his Heavenly Father.

On Jan 22, 2010, Larsons Birth Day and providentally Right to life day, we will again celebrate his life and what his birth was for us. God created a boy not for world...but to impact it in other ways. Please join me in rejoicing in what God did and continues to do during his short but meaningful life.

Time makes the wound more bearable...but the wound is still there. Although thankful for this one!!!

I'll share more of my thoughts our day later. I've had a hard
time processing my emotions and thoughts lately. Maybe I've been to
busy or purposly kept myself busy and part of me is emotional that its been 2 years since I held him!!!