Monday, July 27, 2009

Asking for Prayers

I just received a call from a friend last night asking for prayer for a dear family. So I am coming to you faithful readers and prayer warriors this morning.

On Friday the family she was calling about....well call them the V's, God know them....were on a lake water skiing. On their way back to shore they hit some rough wakes and their 11 year old daughter flew out of the boat and died. Please be praying for this family. For those who have lost a loved one..their is many areas that are stretched and pulled. Your faith is very much tested. This was a "freak" accident and yet there will be so many questions. We can trust the Lord and still wonder why these things happen. This family will be changed forever and July 24th will be a day that marks that!

Dear Father...
I pray for the V family. That you would protect them and their hearts. That you would protect their marriage and their family. know the details and you know their needs. We know you are in control of all things and yet this seems unfathomable. Another "accident" yet you never left them and you wont. Be with them in these days and the days to come. They will be dark...they will be hard!

Thank you heart is breaking for this family. I know prayers work....A peace is there that otherwise is not.


Linda said...

Praying & grieved at heart for this family.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness..

Thank you for sharing this story with the rest of us - we will definitely be praying for this precious family and their sweet daughter. My heart aches that someone else knows "this" pain but I trust in our Heavenly Father to get each and every one of us through it..knowing in time He will call us all Home to be with Him for eternity!

Praying for you as well hun, how have you been doing?

Hugs and love,

Brigitte said...

This family goes to my church. It is a very sad time for our church, and the family. I didn't know them personally, but I have seem them around church! They have been in my thoughts and prayers! MY heart goes out to them! So sweet of you to post them on your blog asking for more prayers.

Sugar and Spice said...

So sad! I am donating a portion of all my sales from to Sting of pearls! Hope it will help someone!

Darlene said...

I'll be hugging my 11-year-old daughter a little tighter, and praying for this hurting family.

Sara said...

Oh Corie, I will be praying for the V family... so hard. We just returned from a funeral of the adopted son of one of our dear friends from the seminary. He died of SIDS on Friday night. Their 9 year just died 18 mos. ago. I am just realizing more and more how full of hurt and pain this world is... It isn't meant to be our home. How I long for our eternal home.

Did the cortizone shot work? I pray you are getting some relief:) Thinking of you and praying.