Sunday, August 15, 2010

I blinked and....

My kids are WAY to big!!

We have just a week left before my kiddos go back to school and mentally it has been hard for me to fathom. My youngest is going this year, so after 10 years of having kids at home...I will be adjusting to something new! I will probably be at the school EVERYDAY like a stalker mom! Well maybe not, but I do substitute at their school and hopefully I will be doing that more.

This summer has gone by so fast but I've enjoyed every minute of it.

My back continues to be good, although after our trip to the beach and LOTS of sitting I have had some achiness so back to PT for me and I'm on some strong anti-inflammation drugs. I think its working this far. One thing I have to do less of is sitting and hence one of the reasons I don't update by blog quite as often. Maybe its also because I stand up while I'm typing :) It's not so comfortable.

So for now...I will continue to enjoy my without chronic pain...and every moment before I blink again and they are 4 years older! Man does time go WAY to fast. If I could only slow down time. It just seems to be picking up pace.

This song could not have said it better...(Remember to turn off my music..:-)


Sara said...

Oh Corie, it is so good to hear from you on here. Your kids havce gotten bigger. I am right along with you that it can't possibly be time for school to start again:)

I am praising God with you that your back seems to be doing ok. I know it said it gets achy, but I am so glad that to hear that you aren't in chronic pain. That is awesome!

Thinking of you friend!

Jennifer said...

Your family is so beautiful! It's true, they grow so fast. My Jay will be 9 next Friday. I hope the rest of your summer goes by slowly and is great! I also am so glad your back is still feeling better. Your kiddos might not show it, but I bet they really do love having you at school with them. Just something about having Mama close by! xoxo

Stacy said...

Hi Corie,
I was so thrilled to see you post. I think of you so often. I didn't know that you knew Sara! I have loved getting to know her through this crazy place called blogging. I love you both and your hearts for the Lord!

Praising God with you for the beautiful summer that you have had and one that is pain free!

I am right there with you in how quickly time goes. We are starting school today and I can't believe my oldest is in 8th grade. He is turning into such a young man.

Your children are beautiful. Love the picture on the beach.

Much love in Christ,

izzy said...

Your kids are so beautiful. What a lovely family.. I love your two icon pictures under the "view my complete profile" column. :)