Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 4th

As Prince Caspian!!

Eating his birthday donut!

My sweet little Levi turned 4 today...where did all the time go? He has been a blessing to us and on this birthday we realize what a blessing to have him for 4 entire years. Yes...God granted us a child for more then a day...more then a year...But 4 years.

What a joy he has been! He brings us much laughter and giggles! He is definitely articulate and wants to keep up with all the big kids.

Levis party was full of joy, and giggles, and cake, and dancing, and laughter...all from so many awesome friends! Young and old alike. Thank you again family and friend for walking this year so faithfully with us. Thank you for sharing in our joys and our tears. Levi thanks you also...He had a BLAST!

Here's to 4 years and I hope many more! May God draw Levi to himself at a young age and may my son desire to follow Jesus all the days of his life.


boltefamily said...

Happy Birthday Levi!

zanesmommy said...


Sara said...

Thinking of you today and thanking God for Levi and his 4 years with you. We've considered Levi as a name for our last 2... love it:) Praying for you today. I thank God for you, your willingness to walk along side of me, and your encouragement to me in this journey. Have a blessed day!

Linda said...

Such a happy expression. Happy birthday, Levi!

Thank you for your kind comments, and if you ever decide to look to China, I'd love to share more. My little girls are such a joy!

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.

Megan said...

hi...I just came across your blog, and was touched. So many of us are walking a very hard road of infant loss. What a blessing to know we do not walk it alone!

I would like to add you to my blog. please look mine over, and see if you are interested. I would love an email with your link added.

I am so encouraged to see God's strength in each of you. He is so good, caring for our little one's like no other! Praise you Jesus! bfn ~megan