Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heaven is a Place

Great song...great a very talented singer whose walking the journey of grief. Praise God that Steven Curtis Chapman is using the gift he was given to minister to so many....grieving parents...orphans...and more!


The Beidle Family said...

It is awesome you posted this. Tom and were just talking about this song the other night. The words are amazing and it gives me a lump in my throat. Thanks for posting it here and on FB. It was awesome to listen to tonight. Thinking of you. Miss you lots.

Love ya. Jen

Kelly said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...

Brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart.

How are you all doing these days??

I am thankful we survived October - although the holidays are now quickly approaching, so I can feel my feet draging still. We will be lifting your family up in prayer as we begin this holiday season - as we know things are never 'normal' after losing a precious baby...

Love and hugs,


Erika said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!


Erika said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!