Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not much to say!

Ive tried to sit down a few times to type and I just feel like I have so many thoughts in my head and its just so hard to sit down and write them down. I know my posts may at times be choppy and this will be some of the same.

I have my good days and then my bad ones. I am not ever sure why they are the way they are...except that I am sure the many prayers and the additional grace from God makes the difference.

I continue to walk through the fire (i...there is no where else to go. I will take the joy and the pain when I have to although quite honestly I wish to avoid it.

My tears still come, maybe just not as often. There is something about tears that makes it feel better. It seems just yesterday we found out about Larson and yet it also seems like so far away that I held his beautiful little body in my arms.

I sit here tonight with sadness. I really am tired at night, but I have a hard time relaxing! I know that Gods mercies are new everyday so I am praying for a good day tomorrow. I am going on a field trip with Luke...what else could be better then spending some time with my kids.

We continue to be so grateful for all of you who have walked along side us...so well AND so patiently. Sure wish I could tell you what this will look like tomorrow, or in a week or a month or a year...But I can't. So for those who have let us be who we need to be...THANK YOU!


Stacy said...

Corie-You don't have to say anything elaborate...just being you and your transparency in all that God is working in and through you...it is beautiful, despite all the pain you have had to experience. Just take one day at a time. God has already written our history books, for each of our lives...but we can't read ahead and don't want to. He gives us what we need today, and already has tomorrow worked out. I pray He gives you a wonderful day tomorrow with Luke.

In Christ's love and grace,

Laurie said...

Sweet Corie,

Take all the time that you need as you walk in this fire. It is not an easy task before you but you keep holding onto the One who holds you, and I am praying for you. Larson is too precious to forget, no matter how much it hurts. And you are so right, tears are truly healing. God gives them to you and then He collects each one in a bottle. How He loves us is amazing. Have a wonderful day with Luke today and may it fill your heart with sweet memories.

Love you, Laurie in Ca.

Laurie said...

Sweet Corie,

Take all the time you need to heal as you walk in this fire. It must be so hard, yet you keep holding the hand of the One who holds you up each day. Larson is so very precious and will never be forgotten, no matter how much it hurts. I hope your day with Luke today is blessed and fills your hearts with great memories. Tears are so healing. It is God who gives them to you and it is He who gathers each one in His hands. He loves you so much with an amazing love. I continue to pray for you to find new strength for each day in Him. I love your heart Corie.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

The Beidle Family said...

You have walked this journey with grace. Thank you for teaching me so much. I know the Lord has been using each and every day for HIs good and His glory. The days may seem long and hard but He is carrying you through...so continue to flee to Him...as you have been. You are such a blessing to me and to see you endure this trial with an open heart has been amazing.
We need more silent nights just listening to music...I cherished those times even though they were hard. I love you friend and I am grateful to call you my sister.

Sharleen said...

Thank you for your comment you left on my blog. It certainly is nice to not feel alone in this walk and that others have gone before me, but heartbreaking to know that others are broken in their grief like me.(((hugs)))

I will keep you and your family in my prayers. You have 5 beautiful children!

P.S. I was born an O'Brien! ;)

Devon Rene said...

love your blog too!

can i add yours?

and yes, you can add mine!

Linda said...

You mentioned "walking through the fire - where else would you go," and those words are so true. I have found it interesting when well-meaning people tell me how strong I am to "keep going on." I have wondered many times, what other choice I have? If there was a way to NOT keep going on, I think I might take it - it's just that I don't know what that would be. Besides, when you have other family members at home, it would just be too cruel not to take part in their lives.

I'm rambling or thinking out loud. Sorry about that!

You are in my prayers.

Kenzie said...


I know I read this right after you posted, but I thought for sure I had commented! First, the picture of your kiddos is precious! Second, I know there are still many days of sadness and hurting... I am praying for you and those days that come and go.

About the Getty's... thanks for letting me know. They did a concert at my MIL's church in Atlanta and she actually bought the CD to send to me. She too said that it is amazing! THANKS!

Blessings & prayers,

Suzie said...

Just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and praying for you. Hope the sun is shining on you today.