Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walk to Remember

I wanted to take the opportunity to post some pictures from last weekends Walk to Remember in Colorado. I signed up awhile ago, but as it approached and the weather looked gloomy, I was wavering over whether I should go at all. I didn't want to make my husband go if he didn't feel comfortable and I wasn't sure about my kids. I am not sure why it became a big decision...everything seems to be for me lately. A little indecisive...a little preoccupied.

Anyway, I expressed this to a dear friend and she decided to contact a few friends to meet me (my kids all wanted to go) and walk in honor of Larson. I can not tell you how blessed I was (and Steve) to have friends walk beside me. I would like to thank them each for walking with my family...not just on Saturday but since October 2nd.

With that being said, there were MANY others that I know I could have called on as well to walk. Next time I'll plan better! I continue to praise God for the MANY faithful friends He has put...and our lives during this time. Some are new friends..Aimee and Laura!, and my blogger friends!...although it doesn't seem that way, Others are old friends (family is included in this! Our families rock!) and some are friends I have known for awhile but our friendships have grown deeper and stronger. Thank you to each and everyone of you from the bottom of my hearts. Words just don't say enough..but I try.

I know at times it has not been easy for either of us. Often we don't know what to say to one another. There has been times of awkwardness and yet you have been willing to be awkward. There were times you don't know what to say and yet you listened. There were times you just wanted to fix it (THANK YOU! I WISH!) and yet you were satisfied to pray and just hold our hands. There were times I didn't return calls or emails and yet you continued to leave loving messages or continue to offer help. I know you all were probably exhausted as well, confused, sad and burdened. You have helped carry it with us just being doing what you did...persevering with us! You didn't give up on us. You walked with us. I could go on and on...hopefully you all get the point! THANK YOU

Please excuse my look...Denver was raining and it just doesn't work with naturally curly hair. I know pretty vain to tell you this!


zanesmommy said...

I am so glad that you were able to go. I was thinking of you that day. Love, Christine

Laurie said...

I am glad that you went on the walk with your kids. It looks like it was good for your hearts and what a beautiful way to honor sweet Larson too. It is good to see you doing what you need to do for you in this journey that you walk. I love the balloons and I always love a good balloon release to the heavens. May your weekend be blessed.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Anonymous said...

So glad that you shared ;) Thanks! What a great way to honor our little Larson...

Anonymous said...

I love that you guys did this.. Next year call us.. The girls' and I would love to walk with you.. You're a wonderful person..


Tamara said...

Yeah, you put em up!!!! Love the last photo of releasing the balloons, so sweet! I love ya girl and I love that little man Larson Shawn O'Brien!

Will miss you and will be praying for you, enjoy this time and take lots of photos!!!!!