Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy 9th Birthday Emma....where did the time go?

What a birthday it was...donuts for breakfast...donuts for treats at school...Red Robin for dinner AND....

For the biggest surprise of all..drum roll(JK)...Emma thought she would have to wait to get her ears pierced when she was 16! Well Emma had expressed to me a couple of months ago how sad she is that Larsons birthday is in the same month and yet he is not here. Since they share the same birthstone, Steve and I decided to have her ears pierced on January 22nd. A gift she will remember forever. The gift of a brother who forever changed her and her family. A good reminder to have joy on the days that are hard to have joy in. I want her to remember his birthday with a smile!

Praise God for 9 wonderful years.


The Beidle Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA!! We were thinking about you all day. Hope you had a great day. We are excited you are able to get your ears pierced and what a special time it will be. We have watched you love your brother this entire year...and remember his sweet face. Your loving little heart has been forever changed because of the moments you were able to share with your little brother. We know you will always keep him close to your heart. We pray you will grow in the Lord. We love you.

Aimee said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!

We love you!!!!

boltefamily said...

Happy Birthday Emma!

zanesmommy said...

What a beauty! And what a way to make a difficult day wonderful. Does Steve have the bat by the door?

Love you,
P.S. Coming in March!

Shawna Redman said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!
We hope this new year ahead of you will be filled with happiness, love and joy as you learn more about GOD and His Plan for you as His sweet child!

John, Shawna, Jastin and Christian

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Emma! I cannot believe you are 9! I remember when your mommy told me that she was pregnant with you and I couldn't believe it. How time flies!

What a wonderful birthday present!

Miss you guys lots,


Amber said...

Happy Birthday Emma!!! :0)