Monday, January 5, 2009

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

This January many will be observing Sanctify of Human life on Sunday January 18th. Since 1983, Americans have observed Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (SOHLS) as a day to celebrate the intrinsic value of all human life. As an act of love in reponse to the 1973, January 22nd Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court to legalize abortion in the United States. Here are some statistic I found interesting....

I'd like to share my story of Sanctity of Life. By no means am I writing this because I am so hero. Far from that. I am writing this story because it is Gods story. He wrote it...and I am thankful for it. It has been an amazing year that has opened my eyes to suffering. Not just burying a child..but burying a dream. Whether a divorce, a friendship gone bad, a loss of a grandparent, loss of a relationship...LOSS. Its everywhere and it hurts!

Last year at this time we were preparing for the arrival of sweet Larson Shawn. Due to the fact that this would be my 5th child and the rest were all c-sections, I needed to "plan" my day. Well all of my other children were born on a day divisible by 7. So for Larson, I wanted the same. I new I wouldn't keep him, but I wanted a day that would be like his siblings. So I told my doctor I would want January 21st. I was full term...he was not growing...he wasn't swallowing...I was retaining fluid. Since I had 4 incisions in my uterus, I need to schedule and be cautious to not have a ruptured uterus. The 2st was perfect...Right.

No! Of course not! Its my plan! So the 22nd of January it was. Some of you also know that I met my friend Aimee back in November. She was having her sweet Sophie Ann...but not for 4 weeks. So we thought. Well due to complications as well, she was sent to the hospital on what day...January 22nd. Yes we had met only 6 weeks before because of our babies and now they were going to have the same birthday. On top of that we found out that evening that they were born on the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Both babies had fatal conditions..both families made a choice for life...both babies spoke life for their brief life on earth. Both babies brought joy amidst the heartache.

I really do share this story humbly. I can not tell you this has been an easy year..but it has been worth all the pain and if given the circumstance again....I would choose the same thing. LIFE!

I hope to also share at this time that I know that many have not chosen this same route. I am not hear to judge or condemn. Quite honestly my heart aches for you. Aches because you may not be able to share your pain with others around you. You may be walking in silent pain. I pray for your healing as well. I want you to know that there is healing. And that healing comes in the name of Jesus. Yes...the God who is comforting me in my sorrow can comfort you as well. He is the same! For all...yes ALL fall short of the kingdom of God. THERE ARE NONE RIGHTEOUS. If you are reading this blog and this may be you. Please know I love you and am praying for any woman who has made this choice and may be aching inside. If you ever need to talk. I would love to talk. I genuinely mean that. I may not understand all you feel, but I am no better. My story is different, but I struggle with many of the same things.

And if you are a women who is pregnant and unsure if you can walk this road. Whether because your baby has been give a fatal diagnosis, you are a single mom, the pregnancy was unplanned..whatever...please know there are MANY people and organizations that are willing and wanting to help to nurture you and your unborn baby. Do not walk this path don't have to!

May we all be blessed by Chists healing as we walk through lifes aches and pains.


TCM said...

Wow friend... pretty powerful!

Aimee said...


what great words. so beautifully written.

I miss you...I can't believe we are coming up on 1 year.

Kelly said...

What an amazing story of your precious baby, and of Aimee's as well! You are right, it certainly isn't fun/easy to walk through grief but praise God that we can turn to HIM through it all!

Praying for you both...God bless.


Laura said...

So beautiful...what a gift! He is healing you...even on the days it doesn't seem possible.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I could not have said it better myself. I am so proud to call you my sister! Love you...Jodi