Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayers for Evan Samuel

Hello all my prayer friends!!

My cousin had her baby today and I am asking for prayer. Evan was born at 34 weeks. My cousin had severe preclamsia. Aside from that Evan was born with Spina Bifida and club feet. There is no chromosomal issues so praise God. But it is still a scary time. My cousin has been brave and strong but we know we can use strength that only comes from the Lord. Please be praying for Evan. I believe his surgery on his spine will be on Sunday. Ill keep you posted. As of know he is breathing on his own, angry and ADORABLE!


Sara said...

Corie, I will be praying for you cousin and precious Evan. Praying for healing for him and for strength and God's sustaining love and power to rest on your cousin. I am glad she has the love and support of you! Thinking of you friend. I am thankful God has our paths cross.
Peace in HIM<><

Emily said...

Praying with you for sweet Evan!

Kelly said...


Prayers are being said for your cousin and her new little miracle! Please, please keep us updated.

Hope you are doing well hun...

God bless.
Kelly and Family

mrsrubly said...

i am praying for all of ya'll. poor baby to have to endure all of this! keep us posted. prayers comin!! bonny