Friday, May 16, 2008

God's Timing--Jonah 4:6

I continue to be so thankful for the grace God gives to me during this time. I have realized that I see his grace behind me, but not always in front of me and that is because I don't need it tomorrow...YET. But He will be faithful to carry me tomorrow just as He is doing today.

I find myself not crying all day long as before. It seems now that it is at different, unexpected times. Seeing babies Larsons age is still difficult and to some extent will always be. I see more of them now that the weather has gotten nicer. Just as the baby animals come out in the spring, so do us humans after being cooped up for winter. So before going to the park I find myself praying and preparing myself. But I do know that Gods grace is sufficent. While getting ready for bed I was reading Charles Spurgeon "Beside Clear Waters" and came across this. It came at a perfect time, just as all things do.

Just when we need a mercy, and when the mercy is much more a mercy because it is so timely, that is when it comes. If it had come later, it might have been too late, or at any rate it would not have been so seasonable and thus not so sweet.

Who knows what is the right time? God, who sees all at a single glance know. He knows when to give and He knows when to take. In every godly life there is a set time for each event. There is no need to ask, "Why is the white here and the black there? Why this gleam of sunlight and that roar of tempest? Why here a marriage and there a funeral? Why sometimes a harp and at other times a trumpet?" God knows. And it is a great blessing when we can leave it all in His hands.

Let the plant come up in the night and it will be a good night. Let the plant wither in the morning and it will be a good morning (Jon. 4:6-7). All is well if it is in God's hands. Let us distinctly recognize God in all our comforts: when they come when we are unworthy, when they come in a form in which we most require them, and when they come when we are most in need.


Laurie said...

Hi Corie,

God's timing is beautiful and perfect isn't it? I needed this reminder to remember that He does see everything at a single glance. I am praying for your wounded heart, asking God to make each day bearable and full of His grace. Larson will always be tugging your heart with longing for him. It must be so hard, I can only imagine but please know I think of you often and stop by daily and say a prayer for you as you get through.
It takes my breath away every time I look at the picture of you and your beautiful boy. He is perfect.
May your day be full of love and joy today in the midst of your sorrow. God's grace IS sufficient.
I will remember this.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

I needed to read that devotion. It was perfect timing for me.
Thank you.

Miss you and can't wait to see you.

boltefamily said...

Thank you for sharing that. It gives me hope to know that there will come a day when the tears will be a little more spread out. Please know I am loving you and praying for you from Pennsylvania!

Much Love,

boltefamily said...

Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you on this, what would have been little Larson's four month birthday! It would have been Asher's 3 month birthday. Sending you love and prayers!


Laurie said...

Thinking about you today and Larson. I am praying for you along with all my other mommies who have lost their precious babies. My heart just weighs heavy for all of you. Sending you love today and asking the Lord to bless you and hold your heart extra soft today.

Love and Blessings, Laurie in Ca.