Saturday, May 10, 2008

A New Kind of Mothers Day

I have spent much of today pondering what my mothers day will look like tomorrow. One thing is for will be different. I will be visiting Larson with my family at a cemetary. Then I begin to wonder...Where did mothers day come from? What do other people do who have lost their mother, or sister, or child. I know there are many others out there hurting on this day. I am praying for all of you.

Thank you Larson for making me aware of the suffering and hurt around me

Just as I was trying to "plan" my dear sweet neighbor came with a package in hand. Left it at the door and rang. I know that she would not want any of the recognition. Sorry Phylis!! This is a picture of what she brought. An adorable frame to put one of Larsons ultrasound pictures in. The picture is not so great...the gift is so sweet. Reminding me that God did choose Larson perfectly for our family

Thank you Larson for reminding me to have compassion for others.

Tomorrow may be a hard one. As I look around and see all of the mommies hugging on their with empty arms. I WILL have four of my adorable chilren here to hug and kiss all day long and be thankful for. I will also have one son in heaven who has given our family so much, and continues to do so.

Thank you Larson for making me cherish the gifts and blessings that God has given to me. You will always be one of those blessings.

To all of you who have a child who went straight from your arms into the arms of Jesus, to you who have lost your mother, to you who have lost a sister...Happy Mothers Day! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. And remember that we can not put to much into this holiday.

Thank you Larson for reminding me that Mothers Day is not just about Hallmark cards and gifts and breakfasts in bed. For those things will surely fade away. What will always remain is Christ our Saviour.

So on this day I will spend my day worshipping Christ my Saviour. The one my son is with and the one I look forward to be with. Mothers day will not, and should not, be any different. We worship the Creator as we do everyday. We praise him for the blessings He has given to us and thank him for our mothers and chilren and family and friends...Just as we do everyday. Oh Yeah...I don't think they have mothers day in Heaven. It will be much better then that. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!


Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

I will be thinking of you all day. Thanks for was so encouraging and TRUE! I have so many things to be thankful Sophie Ann has made me into a much better mother this Mother's Day.

Chrissy said...

Happy Mother's Day are a precious Mother of FIVE!

boltefamily said...

I have been thinking of you today as I too worshipped God with joy and with tears! It is a day so full of emotion and thanksgiving. Much love,

Laurie said...


I hope your mother's day was blessed and I love your post of the things to be thankful for. We all need this reminder daily, thank you. I have to say that the picture of Larsen on your header is so precious. I am thankful for him blessing your life with joy and many tears. You were chosen to be his mommy and you honor him so well. Blessed mommy of five, you will always be. Prayers continue for you from me.

Love, Laurie in Ca.

Kirsten said...


Thank you for the encouraging post on my blog. The support means so much when at times I still feel so alone. I know it won't always be this hard. But right now, it really is.

Happy belated Mother's Day! And Larson is so beautiful!!!


Laurie said...

Hi Corie,

Just stopping by this Saturday morning to let you know I am thinking about you and your family and of course, little Larson. I am praying for you guys to have a weekend full of love and peace.

Love, Laurie in Ca.