Monday, August 18, 2008

To Alabama and Back!!!

Well we are back. I know I wasn't specific when I was leaving for Alabama, but I wanted to share our time with y'all!!! I know I am picking up the southern accent...i wish!

Anyway, we left on Wednesday the 13th. Headed to the airport and left Denver at 1:30pm. We arrived in Atlanta at 6, got our rental car and drove to Aimees house. By the time we got there it was 8:30 and we were greeted by all the Weathers and a beautiful sign made by their adorable children. Our kids seems to have know one another already. It is just so amazing how we have jelled together as if we have known one another. We had some yummy food and then ...

Kids at the airport. Excited to see Alabama.

Thursday, Steve and Carlton made a hospital visit for a friend who had just had surgery. They toured around and then headed back. Aimee and I took the kids swimming and they had a blast. We had fun just soaking up the sun and getting burnt! In the afternoon, Carlton and Steve took the boys to a garden to pick some veggies.

Levi contemplating life!

Noah and Levi

Group snack!

Luke and Landon picking veggies.

Luke, Landon, Levi and Noah exploring.

Friday, we went to Atlanta. I of course took everyone on a detour to some town even Aimee and Carlton hadn't been to. I took us about 1 hour out of the way of Atlanta. We finally got to our destination and we took the girls to the American Girl doll store. So fun to be there. Really the best part for Emma and I. What fun to do with your little girl. We had lunch and then went to an Atlanta Braves game. It was a beautiful night, relaxing and entertaining.

We finally get to see the American Girl doll store!

Everyone at the Atlanta Braves baseball game.

Steve with a 5lb. bag of peanuts! Yes, they let him in along with a backpack full of cracker jacks, chips, 20 small Gatorade's. They checked it all. What a sweet husband to do this.

Saturday we hung out all day. In the afternoon Aimee and I got some "girl time" and went to a coffee shop to hang out and took. Words can not express the blessing I feel for the friendship God so beautifully put together. We really found ourselves thinking about how weird it was that we are "online" friends brought together only because of our children who are no longer with us. Sophie and Larson don't get to enjoy our families...although we take great comfort knowing they are together enjoying the heavenlies. They are safe, they are happy! It was good to have my friend to talk with, laugh with, contemplate with, cry with. We have been able to do this for the last 9 months over the phone (aside from the March visit) but it was nice to be sitting next to one another once again. Amazing that this time last year I had no idea who Aimee was, I was in my own little world...pregnant...waiting for my child to be idea of someone who lived in idea of what was ahead of me. I could go on and on, but you all get the picture by now. I stand amazing at what the Lord has done. Through my sorrow and tears...and my smile and joy! All from a loving Fathers hand! Amazing to reflect on what 2 babies lives did for 2 families.

Sunday we had the opportunity to go to their Church. Carlton is the pastor and a great on at that...No he didn't ask me to say that! Amazing how much alike our churches are...just another one of those providential things!!! We had BBQ lunch and headed to the airport. Sure was a fast trip, but a relaxing trip and a perfect trip.

All the kids before leaving for church!

All the kids standing by the sign that Noah and Hannah made when we arrived! It was awesome!

Aimee and Me in my favorite spot...on the front porch in a rocking chair!

Our AMAZING husbands!


It was so fun to be in a different place and enjoying my family. We went away as a family about a month after Larson died. So this was refreshing to go away...far away...and just take a breath!



Linda said...

I can't tell you how nice it was to read your update. I promise you that you will have more of these joyful feelings in the future as the passage of time salves the wounds. I'm so glad that you had a nice time - you deserve some happiness!

The Beidle Family said...

I am sooo glad you guys had a nice time. I knew you would because the Weathers seem so sweet. Thanks for sharing all about your trip...looks like it was a great time. I am sure you could have stayed much longer!! As the day approaches for the kids to go back to school..I am so glad you all were able to spend this time together. Praise God for these faithful families to do what He calls us to do...strive to Glorify Him and be able to love on other Brothers and Sisters. What a beautiful relationship you guys have. What peace you have knowing your common bond is of the Lord and your beautiful babies are together in perfection!

Amber said...

Fantastic....I'm so glad you had this opportunity! I'm telling you, it's amazing the people that you have the ability to "meet" and form relationships What a gift! I'm so glad you had this time with her and your families!

Aimee said...

Hey girlie!
We enjoyed having a house full. It was way fun! Wish ya'll were closer and we could do this at least every weekend!

So good to have a friend who "gets me". God has been so good to us.

I am still secretly praying that Steve will get a job down here. :)

Missing you today....

Jason and Jessica said...

I just wanted to tell you how great it was to meet you and your family!
I am so grateful for the friendship that you and Aimee share. What a marvelous God we serve!
So glad that your family was able to travel to Alabama and spend time. Hurry back! :)


Stacy said...

Corie-Sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful time together. What a sweet blessing to have this family in your lives and be able to meet them face to face and share on even a deeper, more intimate level. Praising God for all of His wonderful gifts! Thanks for sharing the details of your trip. Loved reading about it.


Suzie said...

Corie, I am so happy for you and your family to have had the opportunity to make this trip. It is amazing to see the new friendships you can form when you least expect them. I know I have found many, many "online" friends since Cooper's passing.

God bless you all!

Tamara said...

Corie, looks like so much fun! I love all the colorful pictures and many, many smiles!!! Times like this are so refreshing and much needed breaks from our daily lives! Just think this is snippet of what heaven will be like only we won't have planes to catch back to our hectic lives! Refreshing ALL THE TIME... Fellowship ALL THE TIME... looking into the eyes, hugging and talking with your sweet Larson! I am glad your back... missed you!!!! Tam

Laura said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait until we are all together.