Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update/Prayer Request

Ive had a few people email and ask how my endocrinologist appointment went. Well here is the scoop...

Basically I have hoshimotos thyroditis. A long word for hypothyroidism. It is called this because it is brought on by pregnancy. 70% of women will recover and their thyroid will go back to normal within 4 months...You guessed! I get to be in the 30%. The endocrinologist did say that if it does correct itself, my chances of having a permanent thyroid problem are almost definite due to my family history. Of course we also have a lot of Lupus in our family. I left pondering all of this. Was I upset...No! I came home and told Steve all about it and said..."Basically we are all "incompatible" with life! Are genes are already determined for many things be it autoimmune disorders or cancer or something else. Not are we predetermined by our genes, we have been made like this by a all knowing, loving, and kind God."

Well anyway, I decided to go down a more "homeopathic" route. I am taking synthroid, but I also made an appointment with a nutritionist. Let me just share with you some of the questions he asked and the responded he gave...

He asked if we planned on having more children and then told me that it is probably better to stop having children now that I am 35! There is just to many problems. I told him that is not what I have seen or experienced!

He asked if I had been given any suggestions for my baby when I found out at 20 weeks that he would not live! I told him we did and did not see termination as an option! Our baby was as valuable to us as our others!

He gave me ideas on how to deal with depression, ie acupressure points on my face with my fingertips.! I wish I could put a video up of me doing it. Let me just say, I had to really hold back from laughing. He told me to also tell myself that I am OK while I am pounding my head with my heads.

He chalked me up to depression, never did anymore tests and sent me on my way. Needless to say this was the biggest waste of time and a big disappointment. I would love to share his name but won't. He has high I thought..and was on national TV about helping people with problems no one else could figure out. Well he didn't help me. Don't get me wrong, I am sad and teary and I do believe that the loss of a child can cause depression, but I didn't go to this doctor for that...he is a NUTRIONIST!

I left this appointment SO disapppointed and upset for many reasons. I know this man is a medical doctor but I TOTALLY disagree that my age would result in "problems"...besides the fact that Larson was far from that and was the BIGGEST BLESSING! At the age of 35, although called advanced maternal age!, womens eggs don't just all go bad all at once. Its not like eggs you get at the grocery store that have an experation date!. I believe that EACH and EVERY child and person has been created EXACTLY how God intended them to be. Each egg is how God intended it to be! Psalm 139 is so clear on this! God is good!

Psalm 139:13-16
For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother's womb.
I will praise you , for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
My frame WAS NOT hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
YOUR EYES SAW my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

Did his comment about 35 cause fear? Not at all and felt more sorry for him! I trust God the same as I did with EACH one of my children and am so very blessed to have had a child who was special enough to teach others about the sanctiy of life. You go little man! OK hope I made my point.

I will not tell you I don't have days I am not depressed. Really I would call it sad, missing my baby, making sense of all this and pressing into Gods word of answers. I am not without hope, faith or love to my Almighty God.

So next step...
I have gone to a accupuncturist...She is awesome. She has a chemistry and biology degree and does NEAT therapy. I have gone to her for the last 4 years. Why I didn't just stick with her I don't know. NEAT is an allergy elimination acupuncture and is suppose to reset your body so you can tolerate things you once didn't. Let me just say that I did allergy injects for 7 years in high school and college and it did nothing. After being treated for trees, weeds, grass, horses, cats...well I can me around it.

So here is my prayer request. Obviously one of the biggest problems in my body is my hormones. That is what causes most thyroid things, autoimmune, etc. Your body is reacting to something that seems "foreign" to it. So right now she is treating me for the MANY types of hormones we have in our body. I had a treatment on Tuesday and feel HORRIBLE. I have body aches so bad I don't want to be touched, hot flashed where I get drenched, headaches, etc. That being said...this is good. My body is doing something.

Please pray this treatment(S) help and that I would have rest tonight and the days to come. It has been hard to do my daily commitments because I feel so yucky! Of course I am also trying to diagnosis myself with some "disease". At this point Steve just goes with it and tries to come up with some too. He is just so used to me! Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. This has gone longer then I thought so I'll write more soon. My days have been with ups and downs, but God is shining through and we continue on with hope!


Amy said...

I have followed your blog for the past several weeks from finding the link at Aimee's blog. I do not know her personally either but have been reading her blog for several months and have just been so touched by the stories about your families and babies who recently went to heaven. Anyway, I was reading your blog today. I am hypothyroid too, and unless there are different types of this disorder I have never been told I could not or should not have anymore children, etc. I am almost 40. My initial symptoms 5 years ago when I was diagnosed were being tired and lack of energy about half way into the day. My nurse practitioner did some lab work and found that my levels were off so I started taking medication. Once they found my magic dosage number everything has been fine but I will have to take this little pill every day forever. There are no side effects, etc. I did have a couple miscarriages in the past 2 years but it was not due to being hypothyroid or taking the medication. My ob/gyn encouraged me to keep trying for a baby but my husband and I just could not go through the heartache anymore so decided to just spoil the one child we have:). When you are pregnant I think they just try to monitor your thyroid levels more to make sure everything is in sync.

If I would have gone to the doctor you described I probably would have had to pick my jaw up off the floor before I left his office. Glad the acupunture works for you. I've never done it but my stepmom has and it really helped her with one of her medical problems.

Take care!



boltefamily said...

Hi Corie!

Thanks so much for letting me know how to specifically pray for you. I am sorry you are dealing with all of this on top of everything else. I have had the same experience of walking into a doctor appointment and being chalked up to depression before a second glance. Frustrating! I will be praying for!

Much Love,

zanesmommy said...

Know all too well what your naturalist said. It seems that every Dr. I have been to has tried to put me on some sort of depression drug or sleeping med. They worry that I cry every time I speak of Micah. It seems that they just don't get it. I will pray that you get the much needed rest.

Laura said...

Let's keep pushing on our temples! ;) I am praying...praying for strength for each day. I love you!

Tamara said...

Hey, in my thought and prayers! lemme know when you wanna break away for that over night hot springs retreat! One day at a time! Love ya, Tam

Aimee said...

Funny. I can see her pounding your head. What a joke that man is. Somebody needs to tell him about Jesus.

Don't you worry about being hypothyroid, join the club. Like Amy said, you just take a cute little pill everyday. VIOLA! You are good!

Sorry you are having hormonal problems. Thats no fun. Call me. :)

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you through the "trying to find something out" process. I have been in this place so many times, my husband always jokes with me that there is always something wrong with me but the "test" always say I am "normal" what ever that means.
Just this past month I missed my cycle for the first time in my life (except when pregnant) well I am not pregnant and my Dr. did hormone testing on me and yet the call I got from her was your levels are all normal. I still don't know how this, I don't know how you miss a cycle and yet your hormones are normal???
I have always wondered how they can tell if your hormones are in range when they don't know what your baseline (your normal) was to start with. We are all so different to fit all women in to a small range is so crazy to me.
I think it is great you are trying to go the more natural way!
I was wondering if you get massage therapy? If you don't I would love to offer my hands. I am a therapist and I love what I do, I don't get to work as much as I would like due to all of Zachary's appointments but if you don't have someone you go to I would love to help you anytime.
Renee Charlan
You can contact me at

Christy said...

I just came upon your blog. One my heart and prayers are with you. My daughter died at 2 from AML leukemia, and although I absolutely do not know what it's like to have your new born leave your arms for Heaven, I can relate to a degree.

As for the nutrionalist...I think in being a smarty pants way would have asked him when he got a psychology degree and was licensed to diagnose depression! When I was at about the 2 yr mark (I'm not at 8 1/2 yrs almost) I felt it was time to see a councelor, because the anxiety attack's were taking over my life and the depression had truly set in. He was a wonderful Christian councelor and told me that any decent councelor, psychologist/psychiatrist will tell you that in the first 1 to 2 yrs it's NOT depression it's grief and it's a process we just simply have to go through to one day get to a point that it's not the center most focus of our day.

I'm praying for you and pray that people in your life will be gentle with you. BTW I'd LOVE to shake who ever said to you "at least you have 4", don't you want to just ask them to pick one of their children and let you know if life would be ok without them? No matter how many children we have, to lose one is nothing less than devestating.

God Bless