Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finding Joy!

I have to say...
I am finding new Joy...
Even in my pain!

Continuing this path with God at my side,
Who could ask for more?

Today was a good day.
Things are not always so raw.
I feel I am embracing the new me and not feeling the need to hurry.
Embracing the good, the bad and challening.

I know God is getting us through.
I know that our story will be exactly what He wants.
I know I want that story too..whatever it is.

Finding Joy...
It looks different to me now,
It looks exactly as God would want.


Anonymous said...

Your post made my day/night. You are amazing, Corie. I will continue to say that again and again. My sister said she saw you last week and she said you look great... it made me wish I lived closer, as always. I miss my dear friends in Colorado, but you are close in my heart. Let's talk on the phone this week.

Love you lots,

Tiffany said...

When I saw you this morning at church I thought to myself, "Corie looks really good...she looks joyful..." No kidding! :)
You are amazing....such an inspiration to me and many others.

boltefamily said...


Laura said...

Your laugh makes my day brighter! I'm proud of you.

Laurie said...

Joy is such a wonderful God given thing. I am so thankful that you are finding it and feeling it. I love that you do not feel the need to hurry. God will continue to be faithful to you in this time of healing.

God Bless You, Laurie in Ca.

Aimee said...

I love this.

Hey, where is my pic of your kitchen???


Megan said...

hi! praise God that we have eachother. i would ,ove to add your story to my site. please take some time to read what God is doing there. He is so good! i would be honored to add you all. if you decide it is a go, please place the link in the email so i can see to it getting there, immediately! how precious is the cross now, right? your little one is beautifual, and certainly proud of you! ok....bfn Megan