Friday, November 28, 2008


Enjoying my family. It was a nice blessing to venture to Vail to enjoy one another this year. Last year we were still able to enjoy Larson although we knew his life would end on this earth soon. This Thanksgiving brought much to ponder, much to be thankful for. As we continue to move forward, by Gods enormous Grace, we have learned that there is much to be thankful for. I pray this year that we continue to cling to Gods promises. Although we never know what tomorrow will bring, I can say that through this year I know God remains.

Of course I continue to wrestle with many thoughts. Thankfully God is so patient. I pray that I will take each day as it comes and not get ahead of myself. I hope to cherish each moment with the children I still have. To keep my thoughts captive and to battle my fears and anxieties. Praying to trust Him more, love Him more, and know Him more.


Emily said...

You are beautiful and your family of five is, too. :)

Kelly said...

Hi there! Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog...I started to skim your blog and tears fill my eyes. I know your pain all too well. Oh how my heart aches for our precious little Liberty, just the way yours aches for Larson. I love the blog you wrote from that book you are reading..about dying to our own plans for our lives. That's what it all comes down too - and sadly it does take something that shatters our hearts to get us to 'wake up' to Gods calling, sometimes even then the pain is so terrible that we can't put our eyes on God..that's what I am STILL trying to learn how to do. Thanksgiving day marked 13 months since Libby went home to Jesus - oh how I miss her still. Especially during all the 'glitz and glam' of the holiday season.
You have a beautiful family and your words speak truth to my heart. I hope to keep in touch with you..and im so sorry for your loss...but I am thankful that through 'blogland' we can reach out to one another!!

God bless you. My email is if you ever feel like talking...

Kelly Turner