Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alabama BOUND!!!

Most of you probably remember the story of my friend Aimee that I met while pregnant with Larson. We met online in November because our children had the same diagnosis. I contacted her via the Living with trisomy 13 website because our doctor thought that is what Larson had. Anyway, we started corresponding. Amazingly and providentially our babies were both born on January 22nd. Sometimes I still have to remind myself how much of miracle this was. It was not a coincidence by was determined by our GREAT GOD long before we were pregnant or ever new one another. Anyway, Aimee and her husband were her in March just six weeks after our babies went to be with the Lord. And now....our whole family is headed to Alabama on the 13th of August so our children can meet one another also. We can not wait and as you can see by the video...our kids are so excited. Emma was to embarrassed to be in the video. Crazy because she loves to be video!! Remember to turn off the music below!


Stacy said...

Corie-Praying that you will have safe travels and that your time together with this precious family will be blessed! How exciting!! :)

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for you and the family, Corie! And now I can start asking you when you are coming out to California with the family! :)

Your boys are cute dancers - are those Steve's dance moves?

Love you,
Angela Nicole

Aimee said...

How cute is that!

Can't wait until your are here in Sweet Home Alabama.....maybe we can talk you into staying, forever. And I am not joking.

Counting the days..... and looking forward to catching up. We have some serious hanging out to do. Sleep not allowed.

How bout a Spa afternoon????

Cathy said...

Corie, Thank you for the post on Annabel's blog. I wanted to say I love your tatoo! I was with Tamara when you text the photo. I hope you have a great time in Alabama. I have not heard anything on Abby as of late or heard from Tamara. Do you have any updates. Cathy & Annabel