Monday, March 17, 2008

Emma's Poem

I wanted to share this sweet poem with everyone that Emma wrote. She made one for Larson and then did the same poem for Sophie and Pearls families. What a tender little girl she is. Larson has definitly been on her mind and she often expresses her feelings through her writing.

Oh Little Larson
Little Larson Oh Little Larson
You died a long time ago.
Oh how we miss you.
You were cute and little.
But you struggled deeply.
You tried to fight,
But it was to hard.
And now you are with the Holy One.
In Heaven playing with your mates who suffered too.
You are perfect now.
Oh how we all long to live with you there.
Oh little Larson we miss you.


Carlton and Aimee Weathers said...

You are such a talented little girl. This poem is so precious and I know your family loves it to. Hannah Grace loved your poem too. We miss our sweet Sophie, but we know she is not missing us. She is too busy loving on Jesus and playing with Larson and Pearl. But, one day, we will be reunited with her and that will be such a happy day. And one day, you too, will see your sweet little brother.
Weathers Family

Laura said...

What a precious heart....we can't wait until all 3 of our families are together again in heaven. Won't it be fun for them to show us all the amazing things they have been doing! Keep writing Emma. We love you

Vic said...

What a beautiful poem Emma!

I just came across your blog through another blog :) Isn't that how we come across most? It's wonderful to see you recovering through this and to see the Lord's everlasting precence in our lives. You are an inspiration to me and thank you so much for sharing your story.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing poem Emma. You are a very special little girl.

Lots of love,
Angie Lu

Anonymous said...


What a beautiful tribute to Larson, Pearl and Sophie. You are such a sensitive and caring young person. You teach us all so much.

We love you so, so , so , so much

Grammie & Papa

hlusk said...


You are such an amazing girl. Your poem is very sweet. I can tell how much you loved your baby brother.

*Miss Lusk